Hazardous Waste Incinerator


Capacity: 100-10000kg/h

Principle: High temperature incineration

Feasible area: sewage sludge, refinery sludge, chemical residue, salt residue, medical waste, industrial waste and liquid, etc.


The rotary kiln is worldwide widely used in treating industrial waste. It has a very high market share in the incinerator market. It is also listed in recommended technology table for treating industrial waste released by China’s MOST and MEE authority. It can be used to treat many kinds of hazardous waste solid and liquid, half-solid colloid and salt residue, etc.


1. No matter solid, liquid, colloid and gas, all can be incinerated effectively. 

2. Heat recovery efficiency is very high due to the rotating movement.

3. Waste shape, water content has little negative effect to the kiln.

4. 1 hour residence time and 850℃ temperature in the kiln, 2 second residence time in the secondary combustion chamber. The waste and dioxin is thoroughly destroyed.

5. Automatic feeding and discharging. Special sealing technology to achieve negative chamber pressure to ensure no gas leakage and high efficiency.

6. We upgrade the secondary combustion chamber to secondary combustion oven to improve the ash burn out rate and overall destruction efficiency.

7. High heat recovery efficiency. AC adsorption and double bag filter to ensure dioxin emission.

8.The system is mature and stable, easy to maintain. Feasible for medium and high capacity(10t-400t/d).

9. Flue gas cleaning system is used to ensure all pollutant is below regulation limit.

Ruiding technology feature:

1. Beside all advantages of common rotary kiln, we enhanced the heat transfer by chain evaporator and improve the as burn out rate by High temperature grate technology.

2.75% destruction rate is achieved in the rotary kiln in the drying, thermolysis, igniting, oxygenolysis and cooling process. 25% destruction rate is achieved in the downstream.

3. We use chain evaporator to enhance the heat transfer. It can make the waste and air contact complete and better burn out efficiency. This can also prevent slagging problem in the furnace.

4. We combine secondary combustion chamber and rotary grate furnace technology. This can make the ash entering secondary combustion chamber burnt out more effectively. 1150℃ can suppress the generation of Dioxin.

Hazardous Waste Incinerator
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Hazardous Waste Incinerator


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